Can Veneers Be Affixed Over Existing Dental Crowns?

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Dental crowns are a reality for many people suffering from dental issues like tooth decay, or some improper eating habits developed in childhood like eating too much of sugary items, etc. You might have dental crowns from a very early age. Many of our patients have questions like, how cosmetic dentistry in El Paso can improve your smile? Here we have explained how cosmetic dentistry can improve smile and if you need porcelain dental veneers, you will need to know if you can place them over the existing dental crowns.

Can Veneer Go Over Dental Crowns in El Paso?

Well, the answer primarily is no. A crown will cover your entire tooth and veneers in El Paso are only placed on your tooth’s surface. In fact, even the thinnest of the veneers available in the market like Lumineers cannot be placed over crowns because they need to be adhesives to your natural tooth. Forcefully placing veneers over dental crowns will neither be functional nor be aesthetically pleasing.

What Happens If Veneers Are Forced Over Dental Crowns?

In case of crowns, the original tooth is actually ground down to back the base of the crown. The undersides are cemented to hold the crown intact in place. In order to fit a veneer on top of these dental crowns in El Paso, the dentist will actually have to grind down the crown thereby breaking it. Sounds scary right? Well, it is a little complicated. Adhesives will not be able to act as substitutes as they don’t work on porcelains as they do over enamels.

Alternatives of Porcelain Dental Veneers in El Paso:

Well, if you go to a leading dentist, he might suggest some viable alternatives like:

  1. Dental Implants:If you have a damaged or decayed tooth underneath your crown, you might need to go for dental implants in El Paso. The dentist may also pull out a tooth and add dental bridges. If your tooth is all healthy, this isn’t the best choice, but this solution can act as a long-term fix.
  2. Resin treatmentYour crown can be repaired with resin in case of minor damage. Resin is made out of an infusion of ceramic and plastic and blends well with the tooth. It mimics the actual teeth appearance.
  3. Replacement Crowns:Another straightforward option is to completely replace your dental crowns in El Paso for a renewed support. This is a solution if your crown is aged.


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