Dentures in El Paso, TX

Our dentists, Dr. Tony Kasallis and Dr. Stephen Sticht, and the team at Agave Dental Care offer partial and complete dentures in El Paso, Texas. Dentures are very reliable and may be a more economical option for you than dental implants. If you would like to enjoy all of the benefits a complete smile has to offer, call 915-833-0303 and schedule an appointment.

Dentures are a prosthetic tooth replacement, and are typically recommended when you have lost multiple teeth. They consist of prosthetic teeth set into a plastic or acrylic base, and are custom-made to fit your mouth comfortable and to restore your appearance as well as your oral function.

There are two main types of dentures: complete dentures and partial dentures.

  • Complete dentures are recommended when you need to replace an entire arch of teeth. They may be recommended for one or both dental arches, depending on your needs. Complete dentures are often stabilized using special adhesives or creams, but thanks to advances in technologies, materials and treatment techniques these dentures can now be designed more precisely than ever to ensure they fit your mouth perfectly.
  • Partial dentures are recommended when you have lost some teeth but still have natural teeth remaining. They include a thin framework or clasps that attach to your natural teeth to ensure greater stability.

While traditionally dentures are a removable appliance, our dentist may also recommend stabilizing them with dental implants to provide you with a more secure, long-term option.

Benefits of dentures include:

  • A restored and natural-looking smile
  • Restored oral function, including the ability to eat all your favorite foods
  • Improved self-confidence from a renewed smile
  • Support for your facial volume
  • Restored ability to speak normally
  • A cost-effective treatment option

For more information about dentures and to schedule your appointment with our dentist and team, give us a call today.