Thinking about teeth whitening? Get your facts first

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Everyone craves for a dazzling smile – It would be a nightmare if that dazzling smile is discolored. Teeth can get stained with food and drinks such as coffee, red wine, cigarettes, medications, trauma, and even age. You may be flossing, brushing, cleaning every day to keep your teeth white but still feel your smile is sparkling no more, you are not the only one. Most people feel they need a whiter smile, and 90% of them wanted teeth whitening.

What is Teeth whitening?

It is one of the simplest dental procedures. One or two different kinds of tooth bleaches are used. These bleaches contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide that removes surface and deep stains and makes them look colorless thus, causing a brightening effect.

Why is teeth whitening necessary?

Apart from food, drinks, age, and smoking, genetics also plays a vital role in the color of your teeth. If regular brushing and flossing are not done the plague present in the mouth will become a harder form known as calculus. This affects the color of the teeth. Tiny cracks in the teeth and consumption of antibiotics can cause staining on the surface of the teeth. Stains accumulated over time can leave discoloration on the teeth.

Teeth whitening helps get rid of all these discomforts and delivers a clean white smile.

Different types of teeth whitening

There are different types of teeth whitening, one is the in-house process and the other is in-office process.

In-house process

Teeth whitening at home is easy and affordable. It can be bought at a grocery store. The oral hygiene isles at the store will display everything from whitening strips to whitening pastes.

In-office process or professional teeth whitening

This is done at a dentist’s office in just an hour. The products used by your dentist will be much stronger than those bought at a store that will take more time to show the results. Even though in-house processes are available at any store it is always better to consult your dentist before taking a call.

The better choice and why?

Professional teeth whitening gives better results. Their tooth whitening products contain 25% to 40 % hydrogen peroxide after which a heating lamp is used on your teeth at regular intervals. Some professionals prefer to use lasers which accelerate the whitening. A protective gear is used to protect the gel from coming in contact with your lips, tongue and gums as. For better results, dentists provide you with whitening trays made for your teeth to be followed at home while bleaching.

The main benefits of professional teeth whitening are:

  • Results are immediate
  • The results last long
  • Little dental sensitivity

Take away

When you choose a Teeth Whitening Specialist to do your teeth whitening, it’s rest assured and a brighter smile is guaranteed in a short period. For professional teeth whitening in El Paso, call us at 915-755-7697 (NorthEast El Paso Office) or 915-833-0303 (Westside El Paso Office) to fix your appointment.