Six Credible Reasons To Hand Pick a Dental Crown

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Before understanding why you might need to visit a cosmetic dentist near me in El Paso for dental crowns, let’s first understand what a crown is. It’s a kind of cap which fits your tooth. Now if you have injured your tooth, then the pain might be severe. In our previous blog, we have explained the difference between dental implants and dental crowns in El Paso. In such a case, going for a dental crown is the first choice. This restorative treatment procedure ensures that your tooth is safely covered with a very strong material. Dental crowns are manufactured at dental labs.

Now let’s understand why you might need a dental crown by looking at six top reasons for it.

  1. For Restoration of a Damaged Tooth: Teeth injured with decay, infection or trauma need extra care and support. If left untreated, the bacteria can injure the rest of the tooth leading to immense pain. Placing dental crowns in El Paso over your natural tooth ensures that it’s protected and strengthened. It also makes sure that the tooth needn’t be removed since it’s treated right on time.
  2. If There Is a Filling: If you have large or multiple fillings in your teeth, then there is a chance that your teeth need some additional strength. Major fillings often weaken your tooth. Wearing a dental crown ensures that the tooth is stable for a prolonged period.
  3. Cover Dental Implant: With missing teeth issues, dental implants are surely the first choice. These are highly recommended for durability, success rate and stability. Once a dental implant is fixed for your missing tooth, the implant dentistry in El Paso often attaches a dental crown over it to ensure the results are more successful and that the dental implants remain completely safe. Visit the most reputed Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in El Paso for crowns.
  4. Support Dental Bridge: This can be another reason for wearing a dental crown. Traditionally the dental bridge consists of a couple of them – one on either side of the prosthetic tooth. In such cases, a dentist often removes some part of dental enamel to place crowns over healthy teeth. Visit the Agave Dental Care, the best dental clinic El Paso for dental crowns.
  5. Cover Misshaped and Discolored Tooth: Do you have a misaligned, gapped, chipped or misshaped tooth? Crooked teeth trouble a lot of people for lowering self-esteem. The main purpose of cosmetic dentistry in El Paso is to restore your misshapen teeth. If you have stained or discolored teeth and think that nothing can obscure it, no worries. Cosmetic dentistry near you in El Paso can do a perfect covering for your discolored teeth through dental crowns solution.
  6. To Support Root Canal Treatment: RCT often weakens your teeth and is vulnerable to more risks because of daily chewing. Dental crowns can certainly strengthen your treated tooth and prevent further risks.


If you need a dental crown, consider visiting the most reputed dentist near me in El Paso: Dr. Jake Williams. Dr. Jake R Williams practices at Agave Dental Care. Browse through our website of Agave Dental Care to discover more about our dental crown procedure and other services. Call us at (915) 755-7697/(915) 833-0303 to have a conversation right away.