Implant Dentistry: Single Tooth Replacement V/S Multiple Tooth Replacement

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Dental implants are regarded as the benchmark treatment for replacing a missing tooth or teeth prosthetically. They are fixtures fastened to the jawbone and fuse with the jawbone within a few months. Dental implants are a nearly perfect substitution for the root of a tooth. They hold the bridge which restores the missing tooth. In our previous blog, we have explained about five queries to clear before affixing dental implants in El Paso. Dental Implant offer firmness and don’t unfavorably bother the neighboring teeth.

What is Osseointegration?

Fusing the dental implant with the jawbone is known as Osseointegration. Majority of the dental implants are manufactured out of Titanium. This enables them to integrate with the bones smoothly. Implant dentistry in El Paso can replace a tooth or fill the gap of a missing tooth. Read on to discover the intricacies involved.

Substituting a Lost Tooth with Single Implant Dentistry in El Paso:

A single implant can act as a substitute for a natural tooth. Affixing the implant will not bother the tooth structure of the neighboring teeth as is the case with bridges. Jaw bone’s health remains intact. Moreover, this aesthetically pleasing replacement can be cleaned effortlessly as well. Three months after the osseointegration process, a dental crowns in El Paso made of porcelain is affixed to the single implant.

Single Implant Dentistry in El Paso for Multiple Teeth:

If two consecutive teeth are absent, then a single implant can be employed to substitute them both. After placing one implant via osseointegration, the gap is filled by attaching two dental crowns in El Paso. The only prerequisite is that the missing teeth must be located next to each other. This procedure is suggested when the jaw bone lacks the stamina to hold up multiple implants.

Replacing Missing Teeth With Multiple Dental Implants in El Paso:

Any specialist in a dental clinic in El Paso will check whether the candidate is qualified for implants. An X-ray examination of the region is done to make it ready for the procedure. Tooth implant bases manufactured out of titanium are affixed inside the jawbone. Post healing, the abutments are linked to dental implants. They hold the made-to-order ceramic crowns which are affixed later. Crowns perform the function of natural teeth.

Advantages of Single and Multiple Dental Implants in El Paso:

  1. Bone resorption is arrested.
  2. The facial structure is preserved intact.
  3. Prevents the sagging of jawlines.
  4. The gum line is kept unimpaired.
  5. Biting and chewing abilities are reinstated.
  6. Neighboring teeth remain unaffected.
  7. Consume food items with minimal restrictions.
  8. Flawlessly mimicking natural teeth.
  9. Provides a permanent solution.

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