How Does a Cosmetic Dentist Whiten Teeth?

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If you are not happy with your smile, modern cosmetic dentistry can help you fulfill your dream of having a beautiful and bright smile by improving your oral health. Cosmetic Dentistry is a professional method that focuses on enhancing the appearance of teeth and gums. The procedures consist of whitening of teeth, fillings, dental implants, and Invisalign. In our previous blog, we have explained, the 5 popular cosmetic dentistry procedures in El Paso to improve your smile. However, one can seek the guidance of a cosmetic dentist to cure tooth decay, damage, misshapen or crooked teeth and discoloration among others.

Why Should One Opt for Teeth Whitening in El Paso?

Proper dental flossing and brushing can help maintain oral hygiene. Teeth whitening in El Paso is the most commonly requested cosmetic dentistry procedure. Many factors can play major parts in reducing the whitening of the teeth. Caffeinated foods such as tea, coffee, and red wine contain pigments of intense color that can make our teeth enamel dull. Dental trauma, age, some medications like tetracycline and doxycycline can also cause discoloration of teeth. Genetic traits such as translucency and thinning can also cause teeth discoloration.

Do All Teeth Work Well on Teeth Whitening?

Before deciding the treatment one can have a brief discussion with their cosmetic dentist. Search for the “cosmetic dentist near me El Paso” or the “cosmetic dentistry near me El Paso” online. And arrange an appointment with Dr. Jake R. Williams at Agave Dental Care. Teeth that are yellow may respond to the treatment well. Brown teeth may not respond properly. Gray teeth won’t respond to the procedure. Teeth whitening also do not function on caps, veneers, crowns.

Are There Any Side Effects of Teeth Whitening?

Some can experience tooth sensitivity as peroxide seeps through the soft layers of enamel and irritates the nerves. In-house home whitening kits can cause severe damages to gum and oral hygiene even on gut health. It is advisable to consult a cosmetic dentistry in El Paso before opting for teeth whitening procedures. The presence of drugs and chemicals can cause brown and dark grey stains over teeth that are very hard to remove.


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