Five Habitual Dental Emergencies and How to Avert Them

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Excessive toothache, fallen tooth, chipped tooth, gum disease, etc., are just a few of the common dental emergencies that one may come across. There might be certain circumstances when a person may need to rush to a dentist for treatment. Dr. Jake Williams at Agave Dental Care treats common dental emergencies. Consult him for reliable treatments if you are in El Paso. In our previous blog, we have explained 6 reasons to visit an emergency dentist in El Paso. Read on to discover five habitual dental emergencies and how to prevent them.

5 Common Dental Emergencies to Visit An Emergency Dentist in El Paso:

Knowing about these dental emergencies and preventing them can help a person enjoy excellent dental health. Here are a few of such dental issues.

  1. Excessive Toothache:Excessive pain in the tooth is never a good sign. It is essential to consult an emergency dentist in El Paso and get it checked and treated. It may be a sign of tooth decay. This issue can be overcome by sustaining good dental hygiene. The dentist may recommend using a cold compress to reduce pain and swelling instead of going for painkillers.
  2. Broken or Chipped Tooth:Despite taking good care of oneself, still a person may end up with a chipped or broken tooth. It results in a ruined smile. It is best to visit a reputed emergency dental care in El Paso and get it checked by a seasoned dentist. Keep a gauge pressed on the site to reduce bleeding until a dentist can treat you.
  3. Broken Orthodontics:If your brackets, wire, or implants get damaged in any way, it is recommended to replace them. Emergency dental implants in El Paso or other emergency treatments can be availed apart from getting yourself an implant refitted. If the implant gets damaged or shifts from its position due to any reason, try to push it back to a more comfortable position. A soft cotton ball can also be used to keep the implant in its place.
  4. Lost Crown or Filling:Fillings and crowns are used as restorations. They help damaged and destroyed teeth get back to their original functioning capacity and appearance. If these break for any reason, it is important to get them immediately treated to prevent further damage. Or else it may trigger infection, which might generate more trouble. While waiting for the dentist to fix the problem, stick sugarless gum in the cavity to prevent further damage.
  5. Bleeding After Tooth Extraction:If you got your tooth extracted and bleeding after extraction has not yet stopped, visit the weekend dentist in El Paso. Get a thick gauze pad placed over the extraction site to contain the bleeding.


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