Everything You Need to Know About Emergency Dental Implants

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Accidents are pretty common and hazardous in most cases. You can lose or damage one or more teeth in the process. An emergency situation can arise when you least expect it. Hence, one should be ever ready to handle these situations, by getting proper medical attention as soon as possible. Emergency dental implants act as lifesavers in such tough circumstances. In our previous blog, we have explained 5 common dental emergencies to visit an emergency dentist in El Paso. Read on to know more about emergency dental implants.

What Are Emergency Dental Implants?

If any of your teeth get knocked out or damaged somehow, you can affix these implants by visiting an emergency dentist in El Paso. It can be the perfect remedy for you. They can be immediately placed. Dental services like implant dentistry in El Paso will efficiently manage the tense situation.

4 Procedure Followed in the Emergency Dental Implants Treatment in El Paso:

  1. The damaged tooth or any remaining tooth particles are removed.
  2. Jawbone is prepared for the procedure and the post is installed in the empty socket.
  3. A temporary crown is inserted and fixed, allowing growth and healing for a while.
  4. When it is stabilized, a permanent crown is fixed.

Are You Qualified for Emergency Dental Care in El Paso?

Not everyone is eligible for emergency dental care in El Paso, even if it is an emergency.

Few factors decide one’s eligibility, like:

  • Healthy gums
  • The existing teeth must be good
  • Suitable bone mass in the jaw
  • Overall good health

Factors that will make you ineligible for emergency dental implants are:

  • Observable signs of decay
  • Any periodontal disease
  • Some other signs of oral infection

Reasons to Get Emergency Dental Implants in El Paso:

One might wonder, whether to go for emergency dental implants in El Paso or not in the first place. Will it be a worthy option? The answer is yes!

4 Reasons to Get Emergency Dental Implants in El Paso:

  1. You would be able to chew food properly, without any problem. Missing a tooth or two won’t let you do that!
  2. Getting emergency dental implants in El Paso prevents the shifting of other teeth into the empty socket, thus keeping them in shape.
  3. Another obvious reason is that it will keep your smile great, boosting your confidence.
  4. Such implants feel like real teeth, so they would be fully natural. Getting it immediately by a weekend dentist in El Paso will avoid further complications, such as infections or gum damage.


Still, confused about what to do next? Not sure about the entire process? Worry not! Dr. Jake R. Williams serving at Agave Dental Care can help you out at every step. Dr. Jake R. Williams and his experienced team at Agave Dental Care can help you with emergency dental care service smoothly. Agave Dental Care is the finest dental clinic in El Paso. Call us at 915-755-7697 to schedule an appointment right away.