Cosmetic Vs Family Dentistry: Who To Go-To And For What?

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Many Choices In El Paso:

There are several registered dentists in El Paso, how are you going to find the right dentist for your needs? We all love choices, but having several dentists could give you a hard time choosing who can be the right dentist for you. Moreover, the family and cosmetic dentistry in El Paso gives you many options. Where do you start?

Figure Out Your Need:

One of the best ways to find the dentist of your choice is to first figure out whether you require a family dentist or a cosmetic dentist. It often becomes very confusing for patients on whom to visit because many dental problems are general as well as cosmetic.

Visit Agave Dental Care:

If you live in El Paso and are looking for a family or a cosmetic dentist in El Paso, visit Agave Dental Care. Read on to find out the difference.

Family Dentist:

A family dentist focuses on the dental health of all the family members. This ranges from the toddler in your family to the grandparents. They perform minor repairs and undertake preventive care as well. In our previous blog, we have discussed the need for a family dentist in El Paso. Read along to know more about the functions that a family dentist performs.

Functions Performed By A Family Dentist in El Paso:

The functions that a family dentist performs are many. They include:

 Looking for tooth decay

 Chipped and cracked tooth


 Gum infections


 Cavity fillings

 And other common dental problems

The Treatment Style Of Family Dentists:

Dr’s Williams, Kasallis and Beals and their team at Agave Dental Care in El Paso will first examine the present oral conditions of a patient and then undertake an exam to identify any decay or disease. They will suggest treatments and other alternatives to keep your oral health on track.

Cosmetic Dentist:

Contrary to family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry focuses more on the physical appearance of the teeth than health.

Functions Performed By Cosmetic Dentist in El Paso:

Some major cosmetic dentistry procedures are:




 Composite Fillings

 Dental Implant




 And Teeth Whitening

Overlapping Areas:

There does exist some overlapping areas where both family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry perform the same functions. Because many dental treatments like Composite Fillings, Crowns and Inlays and Onlays affect both the health and appearance of your teeth.


Now that you know who is a family dentist and a cosmetic dentist, choose wisely. You can always choose a dentist who offers both family and cosmetic dentistry services in El Paso just like Agave Dental Care. With a great team of experts led by Dr’s Williams, Kasallis and Beals, you are sure to have the best and safe dental experience ever.