Choosing Between Immediate and Delayed Implant: Which Suits You the Most?

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Dental implants are the finest dental treatment available for substituting a missing tooth. What every patient wonders is if they can immediately place an implant after extraction. To that, we say yes! Here’s a word of caution from our implant dentistry in El Paso, we do understand that every patient is unique. The timeline between tooth extraction and implant placement can vary from one to another.

If you live in or around El Paso and want to know everything about impant dentistry in El Paso and if immediate or delayed implant procedures are right for you, visit Agave Dental Care today! Hear it right from the experts who are seasoned in El Paso implant dentistry.

Read on and find out more about delayed and immediate implants.

What Differentiates Delayed Dental Implants From the Immediate One?

Before we jump into the difference, let’s first understand what these two terms mean. On the one hand, Delayed Implant Loading is the traditional dental implant procedure. The patient usually has to wait beyond three to five months to finish the entire procedure.

Immediate implant loading is when our El Paso implant dentist places the restoration within a period of 48 hours.

Well, here’s one thing you must remember: immediate implant loading is different from immediate implant placement, here the dentist fixes the implant immediately after the tooth is extracted.

Looking Into the Differences Between the Two Procedures, They Include:

  1. Quicker Treatment Time:The answer is hidden in the word itself, with immediate implant loading the entire treatment is covered in a single sitting; it can merely take an hour. With delayed loading, the surgical procedure can take over three months.
  2. Faster Results:Those patients who fit the needs for immediate restoration enjoy the benefits on the same day. It increases the aesthetic of their smile, within a few minutes.
  3. Lesser Gum Loss:With delayed procedures there are chances where patients may lose gum tissues but there is no room for gum or tissue loss in immediate loading.

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Now that you know the differences between delayed loading and implant loading, it’s your call to decide. If you’re planning to pick out dental implants in El Paso, consider visiting Agave Dental Care. Our implant dentists will analyze your oral health conditions and find out which option would suit you best. For more information call us at (915) 755-7697 or (915) 833-0303 and schedule an appointment today.