Are You an Eligible Candidate for Porcelain Dental Veneers?

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Dental veneers will enable the renovation of your smile without affecting the robustness of your teeth. It was introduced back in the 1920s to give alluring smiles to the actors. It was regarded as a temporary solution and not a long-lasting treatment option.

With the advent of technological improvements, opting porcelain dental veneers in El Paso are offered as a reliable solution by various dentists including Dr. Shawn Beals who practices at Agave Dental Care.

Understanding Porcelain Dental Veneers in El Paso:

Modern-day dental veneers are manufactured from porcelain. They are later fabricated so that a perfect match with a patient’s teeth is possible. They are affixed carefully to the frontward part of the teeth. When placed, they cover up stains, chips and cracks.

If you want to adjust your teeth’ shape, alter the appearance of a crooked tooth, bridge the gap in between teeth or elongate a tooth that is worn down, porcelain dental veneers in El Paso is a viable option.

The Procedure Involved in Dental Veneers in El Paso:

A traditional dental veneer is affixed after removing a coating of enamel from the front end of the teeth. But no-prep veneers come with an option not to remove your enamel.

An Eligible Candidate for Porcelain Dental Veneers in El Paso Must Possess:

1. Satisfactory Oral Health:
Our El Paso cosmetic dentist says the health status of the teeth and gums should be satisfactory. If they are not ideal, their health status can be raised using restorative treatment to affix veneers.
2. The Abundance of Tooth Enamel:
Dental veneers stick to the enamel. Even though little enamel needs to be sacrificed to affix porcelain dental veneers in El Paso, the remaining layers are not disturbed. If sufficient enamel is absent, veneers won’t have a strong surface to bond properly.
3. Those Seeking Permanent Solution:
Porcelain dental veneers in El Paso is not temporary. Removal of enamel and the usage of cement to fix veneers make the procedure look permanent. Those who require temporary solutions should stay away.
4. Those With Seriously Stained Teeth:
Acute dark stains cannot be cleaned by the method of teeth whitening. Porcelain dental veneers in El Paso hides them. Apart from that discoloration caused internally due to decay or old fillings can be overcome.
5. Those With Slight Dental Imperfections:
Hiding chips, misshapen teeth or cracks can be performed effectively by porcelain dental veneers in El Paso. Their corrections are lifelike making them a reliable choice.


If you are domiciled in El Paso and require porcelain dental veneers in El Paso, consult Dr. Shawn Beals. He practices at Agave Dental Care. For more information call us at 915-755-7697, 915-833-0303 and schedule an appointment today.