4 Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Services for Kids

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Small children are prone to falls and accidents. They may break, crack or chip a tooth. Whatever may be the case, you can avail kids dentistry services through a pediatric dentist. Dental procedures for kids are designed to be somewhat less invasive to ensure that your child does not develop a fear of dental care while visiting the dentist. In our previous blog, we have explained 4 options for a brighter smile with cosmetic dentistry in El Paso. Read on to discover more details regarding the types of cosmetic dentistry services available for children.

Cosmetic Dentistry in El Paso:

Cosmetic dentistry is elective oral care to enhance the appearance, restore the damaged tooth, or realign the tooth. There are various cosmetic dental treatments that are suitable for small kids. Some of these common procedures are discussed below.

4 Categories of Cosmetic Dentistry Services Near You in El Paso:

  1. Braces or Aligners: If your child has crooked or overcrowded teeth, it may lower their confidence. After a careful examination, the emergency dentist in El Paso may recommend braces or aligners to realign the teeth. These braces or aligners work by exerting a regulated pressure to move the tooth to the required location.
  2. Teeth Whitening: Young kids are prone to get teeth stains easily due to eating chocolates and oral care habits. These stains can be removed and the teeth whitening process in El Paso can restore that sparkling bright smile.
  3. Dental Flippers: Implant dentistry in El Paso is not suitable for young kids. This is because their jawbones are not solid enough for dental implants. A dentist may recommend dental flippers to replace a missing tooth. These flippers are partial dentures that can be removed.
  4. No Prep Veneers: They are wafer thin shells manufactured from porcelain. These veneers are affixed to the front side of teeth. This rectifies cracked, broken, chipped, or discolored teeth. It is not an invasive procedure and anesthesia is not required. These veneers in El Paso preserve the original tooth structure and are a good choice in cases where wear and tear on natural teeth need to be avoided.

When Is Cosmetic Dentistry Appropriate for Kids?

Cosmetic dentistry for kids primarily focuses on fixing imperfections related to alignment, gaps, or stains. If your kid has baby teeth, cosmetic dentistry might not be needed. When permanent teeth replace baby teeth, kids dentistry in El Paso might help in smile restoration if imperfections are found.


A smiling child having a bright smile is priceless. But small children may not maintain good oral hygiene all the time and this may cause tooth decay. Contact Dr. Jake Williams at Agave Dental Care to address issues related to your kid’s dental problems. Approach Agave Dental Care for all your needs ranging from dental crowns in El Paso to pediatric services. We serve the northeast and westside of El Paso. You can get in touch by browsing through our website or by calling us at 915-755-7697 / 915-833-0303 right away.